A Course in Miracles Text Reading & Workbook Lesson for October 1

ACIM Text Reading for October 1

Chapter 29 ~ The Awakening

VI. Forgiveness and the End of Time

How willing are you to forgive your brother? How much do you desire peace instead of endless strife and misery and pain? These questions are the same, in different form. Forgiveness is your peace, for herein lies the end of separation and the dream of danger and destruction, sin and death; of madness and of murder, grief and loss. This is the ‘sacrifice’ salvation asks, and gladly offers peace instead of this.

Swear not to die, you holy Son of God! You make a bargain that you cannot keep. The Son of Life cannot be killed. He is immortal as his Father. What he is cannot be changed. He is the only thing in all the universe that must be one. What seems eternal all will have an end. The stars will disappear, and night and day will be no more. All things that come and go, the tides, the seasons and the lives of men; all things that change with time and bloom and fade will not return. Where time has set an end is not where the eternal is. God’s Son can never change by what men made of him. He will be as he was and as he is, for time appointed not his destiny, nor set the hour of his birth and death. Forgiveness will not change him. Yet time waits upon forgiveness that the things of time may disappear because they have no use.

Nothing survives its purpose. If it be conceived to die, then die it must unless it does not take this purpose as its own. Change is the only thing that can be made a blessing here, where purpose is not fixed, however changeless it appears to be. Think not that you can set a goal unlike God’s purpose for you, and establish it as changeless and eternal. You can give yourself a purpose that you do not have. But you can not remove the power to change your mind, and see another purpose there.

Change is the greatest gift God gave to all that you would make eternal, to ensure that only Heaven would not pass away. You were not born to die. You cannot change, because your function has been fixed by God. All other goals are set in time and change that time might be preserved, excepting one. Forgiveness does not aim at keeping time, but at its ending, when it has no use. Its purpose ended, it is gone. And where it once held seeming sway is now restored the function God established for His Son in full awareness. Time can set no end to its fulfilment nor its changelessness. There is no death because the living share the function their Creator gave to them. Life’s function cannot be to die. It must be life’s extension, that it be as one forever and forever, without end.

This world will bind your feet and tie your hands and kill your body only if you think that it was made to crucify God’s Son. For even though it was a dream of death, you need not let it stand for this to you. Let this be changed, and nothing in the world but must be changed as well. For nothing here but is defined as what you see it for.

How lovely is the world whose purpose is forgiveness of God’s Son! How free from fear, how filled with blessing and with happiness! And what a joyous thing it is to dwell a little while in such a happy place! Nor can it be forgot, in such a world, it is a little while till timelessness comes quietly to take the place of time


ACIM Workbook Lesson for October 1

Lesson 239

The glory of my Father is my own.

Let not the truth about ourselves today be hidden by a false humility. Let us instead be thankful for the gifts our Father gave us. Can we see in those with whom He shares His glory any trace of sin and guilt? And can it be that we are not among them, when He loves His Son forever and with perfect constancy, knowing he is as He created him?

We thank You, Father, for the light that shines forever in us. And we honor it, because You share it with us. We are one, united in this light and one with You, at peace with all creation and ourselves.


ACIM Q & A for Today

I have need for a psychotherapist, but I only want a therapist who is a student of A Course in Miracles, or at least is familiar with it and sympathetic to its teachings. What should I do?

As a therapist, I (Kenneth) am frequently asked by Course students around the country to recommend a therapist who is a student of A Course in Miracles.  My response is usually something to the effect of: “If you require surgery, would you want someone who is a Course surgeon, or someone who is a fine surgeon?” Similarly, what any person wants who requires therapy is someone who is well trained and supervised, and is a person that can be related to and trusted. There are relatively few students of A Course in Miracles who meet these qualifications of a psychotherapist, when compared to the majority of professional therapists that are available.  Simply being a student of the Course and “asking” the Holy Spirit for guidance to help others is hardly sufficient, especially given the amount of specialness that is usually present in such “therapists,” a situation we have commented on before.

Therefore, if a student of the Course finds a professional therapist who is also a student of A Course in Miracles, all well and good. But if that student truly needs a sensitive and competent psychotherapist, a therapist’s lack of background in the Course should hardly be a consideration against choosing such a therapist for oneself. Students seeking therapy should be wary of “training programs” in psychotherapy that are run by non-professional Course students, who then recommend these “trainees” to others; or those who have referral lists of “Course therapists.” Once again, you do not want a person to cut open your stomach who has been trained by other students of the Course, but rather a trained and competent surgeon who has been trained by other trained and competent physicians. It should not be any different in choosing a therapist to help with a personal problem. Legitimate training programs in psychotherapy may not be free from the ego’s thought system, as Jesus points out in the pamphlet “Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice” (P-3.II.2:2-4) [Note that this pamphlet is now included in the Third Edition of ACIM], but they at least guarantee a certain amount of training and supervised experience that form a solid foundation of expertise that ensures that the patient is in competent professional hands. One can be very effectively helped to overcome ego blocks by a therapist who is not a student of A Course in Miracles, or of any other spiritual path for that matter.

the mind that serves spirit


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