ACIM Text Reading & Workbook Lesson for August 7

ACIM Text Reading for August 7

Chapter 25 ~ The Justice of God

V. The Light You Bring

Minds that are joined and recognize they are, can feel no guilt. For they cannot attack, and they rejoice that this is so, seeing their safety in this happy fact. Their joy is in the innocence they see. And thus they seek for it, because it is their purpose to behold it and rejoice. Everyone seeks for what will bring him joy as he defines it. It is not the aim, as such, that varies. Yet it is the way in which the aim is seen that makes the choice of means inevitable, and beyond the hope of change unless the aim is changed. And then the means are chosen once again, as what will bring rejoicing is defined another way and sought for differently.

Perception’s basic law could thus be said, “You will rejoice at what you see because you see it to rejoice.” And while you think that suffering and sin will bring you joy, so long will they be there for you to see. Nothing is harmful or beneficent apart from what you wish. It is your wish that makes it what it is in its effects on you. Because you chose it as a means to gain these same effects, believing them to be the bringers of rejoicing and of joy. Even in Heaven does this law obtain. The Son of God creates to bring him joy, sharing his Father’s purpose in his own creation, that his joy might be increased, and God’s along with his.

You maker of a world that is not so, take rest and comfort in another world where peace abides. This world you bring with you to all the weary eyes and tired hearts that look on sin and beat its sad refrain. From you can come their rest. From you can rise a world they will rejoice to look upon, and where their hearts are glad. In you there is a vision that extends to all of them, and covers them in gentleness and light. And in this widening world of light the darkness that they thought was there is pushed away, until it is but distant shadows, far away, not long to be remembered as the sun shines them to nothingness. And all their “evil” thoughts and “sinful” hopes, their dreams of guilt and merciless revenge, and every wish to hurt and kill and die, will disappear before the sun you bring.

Would you not do this for the Love of God? And for yourself? For think what it would do for you. Your “evil” thoughts that haunt you now will seem increasingly remote and far away from you. And they go farther and farther off, because the sun in you has risen that they may be pushed away before the light. They linger for a while, a little while, in twisted forms too far away for recognition, and are gone forever. And in the sunlight you will stand in quiet, in innocence and wholly unafraid. And from you will the rest you found extend, so that your peace can never fall away and leave you homeless. Those who offer peace to everyone have found a home in Heaven the world cannot destroy. For it is large enough to hold the world within its peace.

In you is all of Heaven. Every leaf that falls is given life in you. Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you. And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you. What aim can supersede the Will of God and of His Son, that Heaven be restored to him for whom it was created as his only home? Nothing before and nothing after it. No other place; no other state nor time. Nothing beyond nor nearer. Nothing else. In any form. This can you bring to all the world, and all the thoughts that entered it and were mistaken for a little while. How better could your own mistakes be brought to truth than by your willingness to bring the light of Heaven with you, as you walk beyond the world of darkness into light?


ACIM Workbook Lesson for August 7

Lesson 219

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

(199) I am not a body. I am free.

I am God’s Son. Be still, my mind, and think a moment
upon this. And then return to earth, without confusion
as to what my Father loves forever as His Son.

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.


ACIM Q & A for Today

Q #207: Does the very fact that we have questions and need answers just play into the hands of the ego and perpetuate it? But, also, isn’t it unrealistic to live under the premise of A Course in Miracles that we don’t know what anything means and we need do nothing, when all we ever do is question and want to do something?

A: Yes, it is true that our questioning and need for answers perpetuates the ego. There is a powerful section in the text that discusses this: “The Quiet Answer” (T.27.IV). There Jesus explains why this is so: “All questions asked within this world are but a way of looking, not a question asked…The world asks but one question. It is this: ‘Of these illusions, which of them is true?’…Thus is all questioning within the world a form of propaganda for itself” (T.27.IV.4:1,4,5; 5:3). But he does not say not to ask questions; he just wants us to ask an honest question, which can occur only when, for an instant, we have set aside our arrogant presumption that we know what our problems are, e.g., our diminishing savings, our diseased body, our disabled car, our devastated environment, etc. Practicing the Course does not mean that we would not attend to these areas of our lives; it means, rather, that we would realize that we are not upset or in distress for these reasons. Our distress — our only problem — is our willingness to continue to believe that we are truly separate from the Love of God; and our defense against our ever changing our minds about that — lest we forego our special identities as individuals — is to see a multitude of problems outside our minds and then ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit to join with us in doing everything possible to solve those problems, instead of asking Them to help us to change our minds about the thought system we have chosen to guide us.

In this context, then, it is not unrealistic to live under the Course premises. In fact, we would be far better off and far more peaceful if we did. Those premises are simply re-orienting our thinking; they are helping us to step back from what we are so convinced is reality, so that we can acquire a different perspective on our lives and all of our seeming problems. If we stepped back with Jesus, as he asks that we do, we would see with him that all of our problems are made up; their purpose is to serve as defenses against our ever getting back to the truth that is concealed in our minds. Once we are willing to view our problems that way, we would approach them entirely differently. But as long as we think we know what everything means and act automatically on that basis, we will be stuck forever in an unending cycle of problems that are never totally solved, or are solved and then immediately replaced with other problems. The ego’s strategy to keep us mindless would have worked.

So Jesus is training us to recognize that we have already chosen a set of premises on which to base our lives, and that it has resulted in unhappiness, frustration, and death. He is therefore teaching us that there is another choice available to us in our minds, which will lead us back home to eternal life and peace in God. The starting point in this reversal is our humble acknowledgment that we have been wrong about everything, and that it would be in our best interests to do nothing on our own, and to ask for help to see all things as he does. If this is done correctly, with gentleness and with trust, we can continue to carry out all of our responsibilities and obligations in the roles we have chosen, so that no one would notice any difference in us, except that we would be more peaceful and we would smile more frequently.

memory of god



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