ACIM Supplemental Reading & Workbook Lesson for November 22

ACIM Supplemental Reading for November 22

The Song of Prayer

3. Healing

III. Separation versus Union

S-3.III.1. False healing heals the body in a part, but never as a whole. 2 Its separate goals become quite clear in this, for it has not removed the curse of sin that lies on it. 3 Therefore it still deceives. 4 Nor is it made by one who understands the other is exactly like himself. 5 For it is this that makes true healing possible. 6 When false, there is some power that another has, not equally bestowed on both as one. 7 Here is the separation shown. 8 And here the meaning of true healing has been lost, and idols have arisen to obscure the unity that is the Son of God.

S-3.III.2. Healing-to-separate may seem to be a strange idea. 2 And yet it can be said of any form of healing that is based on inequality of any kind. 3 These forms may heal the body, and indeed are generally limited to this. 4 Someone knows better, has been better trained, or is perhaps more talented and wise. 5 Therefore, he can give healing to the one who stands beneath him in his patronage. 6 The healing of the body can be done by this because, in dreams, equality cannot be permanent. 7 The shifts and change are what the dream is made of. 8 To be healed appears to be to find a wiser one who, by his arts and learning, will succeed.

S-3.III.3. Someone knows better; this the magic phrase by which the body seems to be the aim of healing as the world conceives of it. 2 And to this wiser one another goes to profit by his learning and his skill; to find in him the remedy for pain. 3 How can that be? 4 True healing cannot come from inequality assumed and then accepted as the truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm the mind that suffers from the agony of doubt.

S-3.III.4. Is there a role for healing, then, that one can use to offer help for someone else? 2 In arrogance the answer must be “no.” 3 But in humility there is indeed a place for helpers. 4 It is like the role that helps in prayer, and lets forgiveness be what it is meant to be. 5 You do not make yourself the bearer of the special gift that brings the healing. 6 You but recognize your oneness with the one who calls for help. 7 For in this oneness is his separate sense dispelled, and it is this that made him sick. 8 There is no point in giving remedy apart from where the source of sickness is, for never thus can it be truly healed.

S-3.III.5. Healers there are, for they are Sons of God who recognize their Source, and understand that all their Source creates is one with them. 2 This is the remedy that brings relief which cannot fail. 3 It will remain to bless for all eternity. 4 It heals no part, but wholly and forever. 5 Now the cause of every malady has been revealed exactly as it is. 6 And in that place is written now the holy Word of God. 7 Sickness and separation must be healed by love and union. 8 Nothing else can heal as God established healing. 9 Without Him there is no healing, for there is no love.

S-3.III.6. God’s Voice alone can tell you how to heal. 2 Listen, and you will never fail to bring His kindly remedy to those He sends to you, to let Him heal them, and to bless all those who serve with Him in healing’s name. 3 The body’s healing will occur because its cause has gone. 4 And now without a cause, it cannot come again in different form. 5 Nor will death any more be feared because it has been understood. 6 There is no fear in one who has been truly healed, for love has entered now where idols used to stand, and fear has given way at last to God.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for November 22

Lesson 321
Section 11. What is Creation?

Creation is the sum of all God’s Thoughts, in number infinite, and everywhere without all limit. Only love creates, and only like itself. There was no time when all that it created was not there. Nor will there be a time when anything that it created suffers any loss. Forever and forever are God’s Thoughts exactly as they were and as they are, unchanged through time and after time is done.

God’s Thoughts are given all the power that their own Creator has. For He would add to love by its extension. Thus His Son shares in creation, and must therefore share in power to create. What God has willed to be forever One will still be One when time is over; and will not be changed throughout the course of time, remaining as it was before the thought of time began.

Creation is the opposite of all illusions, for creation is the truth. Creation is the holy Son of God, for in creation is His Will complete in every aspect, making every part container of the whole. Its oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate; forever held within His holy Will, beyond all possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection and of any spot upon its sinlessness.

We are creation; we the Sons of God. We seem to be discrete, and unaware of our eternal unity with Him. Yet back of all our doubts, past all our fears, there still is certainty. For love remains with all its Thoughts, its sureness being theirs. God’s memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator. Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us.

Our Father calls to us. We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation in the Name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose Holiness His Own creation shares; Whose Holiness is still a part of us.

Lesson 321

Father, my freedom is in You alone.

I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me. Your Voice directs me, and the way to You is opening and clear to me at last. Father, my freedom is in You alone. Father, it is my will that I return.

Today we answer for the world, which will be freed along with us. How glad are we to find our freedom through the certain way our Father has established. And how sure is all the world’s salvation, when we learn our freedom can be found in God alone.


ACIM Q & A for Today

Q #388: I have been thinking and meditating a lot on the concept of prayer. It seems to me that the only thing we can do in prayer is to give thanks. Because God does not and cannot enter the human form, we cannot ask for anything, but it seems that many people say that they prayed and God did this or that for them and thus their “miracles.” What happens here in these instances? Tell me more about prayer. I understand it seems silly to ask God to do what is already being done. What would Jesus say?

A: “The Song of Prayer” pamphlet may answer many of your questions regarding prayer. It describes different levels or steps, and uses the image of a ladder reaching up to God. The prayer you describe, whereby people ask for certain “things” (material, psychological, or emotional) for themselves or others, is at the bottom of the ladder. It is a form of magic, in that it seems that someone or something outside (in this case, God), granted a wish. What actually takes place is a process in the mind. A person wants something and uses the power of the mind to obtain it. But, because the person is unaware or afraid of the power of their mind, it appears that a petition is made and then granted by God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. This is then called a “miracle.” As you may know, the miracle A Course in Miracles teaches (which is a change in perception), has nothing to do with anything external. Since the Course is teaching us that we do in fact have a mind and that it has the power to choose, it certainly would not want us to think that God grants prayers in the way described above. It tells us that true prayer is the prayer of the heart, and it is always answered because in the dream we have and experience anything we truly desire. A very important principle of the thought system of A Course in Miracles explains this: “There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly. Ideas leave not their source”(W.pI.132.5:1,2,3).

The simple prayer of the Course then would be our willingness to change our minds. All of our efforts in practicing and applying the teachings of the Course — forgiveness, letting go of grievances, paying attention to our thoughts and beliefs, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance to have them transformed, remembering our goal as often as we can — is the form our prayer takes. It is the expression of our willingness to accept the healing of our minds, the desire of our hearts, as we look honestly at all the forms our resistance and opposition take in our interactions and pursuits throughout the day. This prayer will eventually lead to the awareness of what we truly want, the top of the ladder of prayer when: “You have understood that you forgive and pray but for yourself. And in this understanding you are healed. In prayer you have united with your Source, and understood that you have never left. This level cannot be attained until there is no hatred in your heart, and no desire to attack the Son of God” (S.3.IV.4:3,4,5,).



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