ACIM Supplemental Reading & Workbook Lesson for November 16

ACIM Supplemental Reading for November 16

The Song of Prayer


Introduction Forgiveness offers wings to prayer, to make its rising easy and its progress swift. 2 Without its strong support it would be vain to try to rise above prayer’s bottom step, or even to attempt to climb at all. 3 Forgiveness is prayer’s ally; sister in the plan for your salvation. 4 Both must come to hold you up and keep your feet secure; your purpose steadfast and unchangeable. 5 Behold the greatest help that God ordained to be with you until you reach to Him. 6 Illusion’s end will come with this. 7 Unlike the timeless nature of its sister, prayer, forgiveness has an end. 8 For it becomes unneeded when the rising up is done. 9 Yet now it has a purpose beyond which you cannot go, nor have you need to go. 10 Accomplish this and you have been redeemed. 11 Accomplish this and you have been transformed. 12 Accomplish this and you will save the world.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for November 16

Lesson 315

All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

Each day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment. I am blessed with gifts throughout the day, in value far beyond all things of which I can conceive. A brother smiles upon another, and my heart is gladdened. Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy, and my mind receives this gift and takes it as its own. And everyone who finds the way to God becomes my savior, pointing out the way to me, and giving me his certainty that what he learned is surely mine as well.

I thank You, Father, for the many gifts that come to me today and every day from every Son of God. My brothers are unlimited in all their gifts to me. Now may I offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me on to my Creator and His memory.


ACIM Q & A for Today

Q #554: On a tape from an academy given last summer, I heard Ken say: “When you are upset, you pray to yourself that you will ask help of the right teacher (the Holy Spirit).” I assume that “yourself” refers to the decision maker, but to whom does each “you” refer?

A: “Only minds communicate” (T.7.V.2:1), so each “you” refers to the mind. Just as in A Course in Miracles Jesus is always speaking to the mind, in the Academy Ken, too, speaks to the mind, because no other communication is possible. However, since we believe we are in bodies, the body is used as a means for the communication that is occurring in the mind. The experience of being upset is the reflection of a choice in the mind to listen to the ego. The correction, then, is for the mind to remember that it has the power to choose, and then to choose to listen to the Holy Spirit. That is what is meant by “pray to yourself that you will ask help of the right teacher.”

Because we identify with the body, we make the mistake of thinking it is the body (brain) that has the ability to choose, to ask, or to decide. What actually occurs is the mind chooses to identify with the ego, splits off from its true Identity, and then confuses itself with the body. The body is the effect of choosing the ego; it only “thinks” it is the cause of what seems to happen in the dream. We then experience each “you” as different. This confusion of cause and effect, mind and body, is the upside-down perception Jesus speaks about in the workbook: “Your upside-down perception has been ruinous to your peace of mind. You have seen yourself in a body and the truth outside you, locked away from your awareness by the body’s limitations” (W.pI.72.8:3,4). Herein lies the real source of any upset. In the Course Jesus is teaching us to turn to him, or the Holy Spirit, to correct our perception. Seeing everything in the dream as the result of having chosen the ego or the Holy Spirit as teacher, is the first step in healing the mind of misperception, and is itself the result of having agreed to accept the Holy Spirit’s teaching. The mind then has the opportunity to do as Jesus invites: “In every difficulty, all distress, and each perplexity Christ calls to you and gently says, ‘My brother, choose again’”(T.31.VIII.3:2).





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