ACIM Text Reading & Workbook Lesson for May 1

ACIM Text Reading for May 1

Chapter 14 ~ Teaching for Truth

VI. The Light of Communication

The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful. It is only in darkness and in ignorance that you perceive the frightening, and shrink away from it to further darkness. And yet it is only the hidden that can terrify, not for what it is, but for its hidden-ness. The obscure is frightening because you do not understand its meaning. If you did, it would be clear and you would be no longer in the dark. Nothing has hidden value, for what is hidden cannot be shared, and so its value is unknown. The hidden is kept apart, but value always lies in joint appreciation. What is concealed cannot be loved, and so it must be feared.

The quiet light in which the Holy Spirit dwells within you is merely perfect openness, in which nothing is hidden and therefore nothing is fearful. Attack will always yield to love if it is brought to love, not hidden from it. There is no darkness that the light of love will not dispel, unless it is concealed from love’s beneficence. What is kept apart from love cannot share its healing power, because it has been separated off and kept in darkness. The sentinels of darkness watch over it carefully, and you who made these guardians of illusion out of nothing are now afraid of them.

Would you continue to give imagined power to these strange ideas of safety? They are neither safe nor unsafe. They do not protect; neither do they attack. They do nothing at all, being nothing at all. As guardians of darkness and of ignorance look to them only for fear, for what they keep obscure is fearful. But let them go, and what was fearful will be so no longer. Without protection of obscurity only the light of love remains, for only this has meaning and can live in light. Everything else must disappear.

Death yields to life simply because destruction is not true. The light of guiltlessness shines guilt away because, when they are brought together, the truth of one must make the falsity of its opposite perfectly clear. Keep not guilt and guiltlessness apart, for your belief that you can have them both is meaningless. All you have done by keeping them apart is lose their meaning by confusing them with each other. And so you do not realise that only one means anything. The other is wholly without sense of any kind.

You have regarded the separation as a means for breaking your communication with your Father. The Holy Spirit reinterprets it as a means of re-establishing what was not broken, but has been made obscure. All things you made have use to Him, for His most holy purpose. He knows you are not separate from God, but He perceives much in your mind that lets you think you are. All this and nothing else would He separate from you. The power of decision, which you made in place of the power of creation, He would teach you how to use on your behalf. You who made it to crucify yourself must learn of Him how to apply it to the holy cause of restoration.

You who speak in dark and devious symbols do not understand the language you have made. It has no meaning, for its purpose is not communication, but rather the disruption of communication. If the purpose of language is communication, how can this tongue mean anything? Yet even this strange and twisted effort to communicate through not communicating holds enough of love to make it meaningful if its interpreter is not its maker. You who made it are but expressing conflict, from which the Holy Spirit would release you. Leave what you would communicate to Him. He will interpret it to you with perfect clarity, for He knows with Whom you are in perfect communication.

You know not what you say, and so you know not what is said to you. Yet your Interpreter perceives the meaning in your alien language. He will not attempt to communicate the meaningless. But He will separate out all that has meaning, dropping off the rest and offering your true communication to those who would communicate, as truly with you. You speak two languages at once, and this must lead to unintelligibility. Yet if one means nothing and the other everything, only that one is possible for purposes of communication. The other but interferes with it.

The Holy Spirit’s function is entirely communication. He therefore must remove whatever interferes with communication in order to restore it. Therefore, keep no source of interference from His sight, for He will not attack your sentinels. But bring them to Him and let His gentleness teach you that, in the light, they are not fearful, and cannot serve to guard the dark doors behind which nothing at all is carefully concealed. We must open all doors and let the light come streaming through. There are no hidden chambers in God’s temple. Its gates are open wide to greet His Son. No one can fail to come where God has called him, if he close not the door himself upon his Father’s welcome.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for May 1

Lesson 120
For morning and evening review:

(109) I rest in God.

I rest in God today, and let Him work in me and
through me, while I rest in Him in quiet and in
perfect certainty.

(110) I am as God created me.

I am God’s Son. Today I lay aside all sick illusions of
myself, and let my Father tell me Who I really am.

On the hour:

I rest in God.

On the half hour:

I am as God created me.


ACIM Q & A for Today

Q #569: In Kenneth’s commentary on the Text of A Course in Miracles (Chapter 12), he states the following: “I interpret your attack on me as unjustified, which secretly means I know it is justified because I attacked you first, in my mind.” Would you please clarify this dynamic?

A: Any interpretation our mind joined with the ego gives to external circumstances inevitably implies a belief in its opposite as well, because the ego thought system is a dualistic system predicated on the belief in opposition. Whatever we experience consciously is only half of the oppositional “whole” that the ego has split apart through projection to make differences and attack real. And so we do not recognize that the two halves are really the same (T.6.II.1,2,3; T.27.II.12,13,14).

Because of the dynamic of projection, I can only see attack in you if I have first seen it within myself. In fact, metaphysically, you exist solely as the projection of my attack thoughts so that I do not have to accept responsibility for them myself. My anger at you for your “unjustified” attack is merely the defense against the unconscious guilt over my self-accusation that I am the attacker, deserving of punishment and attack in return. The paradoxical nature of the ego thought system is such that whatever I protest most vociferously about against you is always a projection of what I secretly believe about myself — that is always the case, with no exceptions ( And that is one of the uncompromising teachings of the Course that makes it so difficult for students to accept, if not in principle, certainly in practice.

In reality, from the Holy Spirit’s perspective, neither ego interpretation — about you or about myself — is true. The Holy Spirit does not take sides but rather first helps us to recognize that both halves are the same — my brother and I are one. And then He dismisses both interpretations as false because they are based on the faulty premise that separation, differences, and attack are real (T.5.VI.10; T22.VI.12,13; T.27.II.15,16). In other words, the oppositional “whole” of the attacking ego is an illusion, so no matter how it is sliced, nothing real or true can follow from it.


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